History and culture nurtured
by the rich nature of Minami Ise

Minami-Ise-Cho, an area surrounding the Gokasho Bay.
Various tourist spots that have attracted many travelers from ancient times are all very attractive.
Also, the Shukutaso area, about 10 min drive from Taso-Shirahama, is a fisherman's town with one of the largest fish landing quantity in Mie Prefecture.
Not only fresh seafood, but delicious sushi and famous sweets awaits for you.



4514 Tasoura, Minamiisecho, Watarai, Mie, Japan

*Please search "TASO BEACH HOUSE" in Google Map.

About 20 minutes by car from Ugata Station on Kintetsu Line.
About 50 minutes by car from Ise Shrine.
About 2 hours by car from Nagoya.
About 2 hours and 15 minutes by car from Kyoto.
About 2 hours 45 minutes by car from Osaka.

Free parking space available.

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  • Shirataki

    Minami-Ise's unique terrain creates many beautiful sceneries, including this Shirataki. It is said that Kiyoshi Takahama (a famous Japanese poet) once visited this spot. (About 30 min drive from TBH)

  • Aisu Kageryu no Sato

    Home of the origin and mainstream of Japanese martial arts (Kendo). At the Kenso Festival, held in August every year, Kendo swordsmen gather from all over the country to show their skills. (About 20 min drive from TBH)

  • Enman-Bashi

    The Enman-Bashi is a symbol wishing for good friendship between two fishermen towns. It is said that if you take a picture at this spot, it will bring eternal good relationship. (About 7 min drive from TBH)

  • Seafood from Shukuura and Tasoura

    At the Shuku Taso area, active in fishery business from long ago, you can enjoy not only fresh seafood but also various shellfishes, dried fish products and other seafood products. (About 7 min drive from TBH)

  • Yabashira Shrine

    "Funa Mikoshi", a very rare mikoshi float and "Kajiki Mikoshi", a mikoshi float carried only by women are both enshrined here. (About 5 min drive from TBH)

  • Yamashin's Taiyaki

    Yamashin's Taiyaki (a fish shaped cake) at Tasojuku is only sold from October to April! The taiyaki is packed with sweet beans paste from head to tail. (About 5 min drive from TBH)


  • Ise Jingu (Ise Shrine)

    One of the most well known shrine in Japan, with a history of 2,000 years, consists of 125 shrines including the Naiku and Geku. (About 40 min drive from TBH)

  • Okage Yokocho

    An area where you can experience shopping and eating traditional food and specialties, history and culture as well as the people's warm hospitality. (About 40 min drive from TBH) *Area around Ise Shrine

  • Sarutahiko Shrine

    Enshrined here is the Sarutahiko Ookami, known for it's "Omichibiki", a guide of things to the best direction when starting something new. (About 40 min drive from TBH) *Around Ise Shrine

  • Toba Aquarium

    Has the largest number of breeding species in Japan! Breeds approximately 1200 different species in this aquarium. The only place in Japan that breeds and can meet a dugong. (35 min drive from TBH)


  • Yokoyama Observatory

    An observatory that overlooks the 60 islands that float in Ago Bay and the peninsula that extends out.

  • Shima Mediterranean Village

    An exotic Spanish and Mediterranean resort facility.

  • Espana Cruise

    You can enjoy a cruise around the Ago Bay on the Esperanza, a ship mocked as Carrack ships from the Spanish Grand Voyage ages.

  • Shima Spain Village

    This is a theme park that attracts both adults and children with various exiting entertainments as well as it's exotic Spanish sceneries.

  • Yoshikatsutei

    It is a Tonkatsu restaurant that is loved by locals on not only weekends and but on weekdays as well.

  • Maruyoshi Shouten

    A famous local fish store that helps us with food services, sells natural seafood products from the Ise Shima area. They have variety of seasonal fresh seafood.

  • Yukai Resort

    A facility that you can enjoy various high quality natural hot springs with just one coin (¥500).

  • Shima Marineland

    An aquarium just outside of the Kashikojima station where a ocean sunfish swims. They have feeding demonstrations by Ama divers and events to touch penguins.

  • Kashikojima Bridge

    You can enjoy the spectacular sunset that was selected as one of the 100 best sunsets in Japan.

  • Kashikojima Fishing Park Kaiyuen

    You can go empty handed but enjoy fishing and BBQ.

  • Moriguchiya (Taiyaki shop)

    You can enjoy a traditional taste of delicious taiyaki with handmade sweet bean paste (anko).


    You can enjoy various menus at the terrace where winds from the sea blows comfortably and in the stylish environment of the cafe.

  • Kabuku Resort

    They have various services such as BBQ plans.

  • Ichigo Beach

    A beautiful white sand shallow beach. A very popular surfing spot.

  • Azuri Beach

    You can enjoy a spectacular sunset that stretches from the white sand beach out to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Tsumekiri Fudoson

    A very silent atmosphere in it's grounds where the trees grows thick. You will be able to see the Fudou-dou as well as the Daishi-dou, where the Founder Koubou Daishi is enshrined, Yakushi-dou and others like the Koyasu-Jizo.

  • Isodo, Ama Diver Hut

    You can enjoy talking with an active ama diver Ms. Machiyo Yamashita and excellent fresh seafood. *Reservation required.

  • Goza Shirahama Beach

    A superb clear water beach with white sands and shallow waters. Chosen as one of the "100 Best Beaches", many people come to enjoy the beach in the summer. A very gentle waved beach.

  • Cloud 1 Dining -Enishi-

    You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes using fresh ingredients from the primary producers in Mie Prefecture. Akamoku bowl is a recommendation!


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